KİTABINIZI HEM "EKİTAP" HEM DE "BASILI" OLARAK YAYINLAYALIM, TÜM DÜNYADA OKUNSUN VE SATIŞA ÇIKSIN.. * Anı, Roman, Şiir, Hikaye, Akademik çalışmalarınızı yayınlayalım * Tüm Paket Fiyatlarımızda SABİT FİYAT + YURTİÇİ - YURTDIŞI Dağıtım ve Satış İmkanı - * Kitabınız KİTAPYURDU, İDEFİX, D & R ve tüm kitap marketlerde..

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Fiction » Drama

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Fiction » Drama

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The Masks We Wear    by Stacie Cooper Price: $5.95 USD. 46470 words. Language: English. Published by The Seashell Books  on January 4, 2013. Fiction » Drama » American. The Masks We Wear is about Harmony Cole, a young woman who has grown up amidst the fast-paced, power hungry metropolis of plastic and cameras in Los Angeles, CA.


Intersection    by David Rubenstein Price: $0.99 USD. 1270 words. Language: English. Published on January 4, 2013. Fiction » Drama » American. This is a Short Story The old MG was feeling its age. I was too. As we raced the Midnight Express to the intersection, I thought back on how the years had changed us. It was going to be close.



Slave Of Mickle Fortune; Life So Fickle, Love So Full and Fortune Mickle    by John D'Mille Price: $7.99 USD. 114350 words. Language: English. Published on January 4, 2013. Fiction » Drama » European. Seamus O'Toule's mickle fortune, lively and humorous love and friendships. "Constance's mother has a 'knot in her umbilical. Old Bertie wants my land and my cows and ewes, but I don't think she wants an Irish son in law. No,I won't marry Constance, but what will be your medical advice if I don't marry soon?" "You'll be just like the man who came late for dinner; there's not much left.


In Search of Redemption    by Erika Friedman Price: $0.99 USD. 2640 words. Language: English. Published on December 29, 2012. Fiction » Drama » American.
People can say indefensible things during an argument, things that can destroy a friendship even after the details fade from memory. Reconciling is difficult, the first steps the most uncertain.



The Osprey    by Erika Friedman Price: $0.99 USD. 1600 words. Language: English. Published on December 29, 2012. Fiction » Drama » American. Life is uncertain. Loved ones are sometimes ripped away unexpectedly and moving on can seem an insurmountable task.



The Trial of Michael    by Thomas Biehl Price: $0.99 USD. 6450 words. Language: English. Published on December 28, 2012. Fiction » Drama » American. At the end of his life, Robert Heraldson must review some of the things that did not go quite right. Ultimately, it must be decided if he can forgive himself and if he is to be forgiven at all.



Waking Up    by Thomas Biehl Price: Free! 1080 words. Language: English. Published on December 28, 2012. Fiction » Drama » American. The night before was going to be just like any other for Shane. The morning, however, turned out to be something for which he was completely unprepared.



The Scythian    by Raido Vitich Price: $2.00 USD. 97730 words. Language: Russian. Published by T/O "Neformat"  on December 27, 2012. Fiction » Drama » Russian. According to the Interior Ministry, every year 14-15 thousand rapes are committed in Russia. in only 3% of cases, the victim filed a complaint to the police, which means that 97% of sexual abuse cases are left out of official statistics, especially if the raped one was a teenager. Almost every woman who has reached forty years, at least once in her life.



Anna's Run    by S.A. Murray Price: $6.99 USD. 58270 words. Language: English. Published on December 27, 2012. Fiction » Adventure » Action. Nightmare quickly turns to reality as Anna Ravelle faces an investigation from Social Services gone wrong after a series of false reports places her children in jeopardy. Labelled a kidnapper, Anna leads authorities on a run across the country as she fights to save her children from being apprehended and thrust into a corrupt network of children being sold across the country.



Wick    by Michael Bunker Price: $0.99 USD. 61720 words. Language: English. Published on December 26, 2012. Fiction » Drama » American. (4.00 from 1 review) Clay just wants to get home. Six years ago, he moved to New York City after his wife and daughters were killed in a horrible automobile accident, and now, the day after Hurricane Sandy devastates the city, Clay sets out on foot to escape both the city, and the prison of his old life there. What Clay discovers on his epic walk to freedom, will change everything… for everyone… forever.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObOVUsyqne8]



Reencarnación prematura    by Antonio de Chencha Price: $0.99 USD. 31920 words. Language: Spanish. Published on December 26, 2012. Fiction » Drama » American. Un hombre asesinado reencarna en otro que ha sufrido un accidente.



Gambit at Sea    by Lgoo Books Price: $5.99 USD. 20970 words. Language: English. Published on December 25, 2012. Fiction » Adventure » Action. lasting effects of indiscretion is part one of a series of three books and this second book begins a second episode of mel's journey they have had a child together and are living on his deceased parent's ranch after having it rebuilt after four years larry has come to ask mels help again and brings and old friend back into his life.



My Colour, My Offence.    by S.A. David Price: Free! 3510 words. Language: English. Published on December 24, 2012. Fiction » Drama » African. (5.00 from 1 review) In the most populous Black nation, Hassana is bedevilled with an old-new brand of racism.


Stalin $0.99 11% 11%
Category: Fiction » Humor & comedy » Satire by: Robert T. Overton , published 2 January 2013

Stalin loves Eva and Eva loves Stalin and Hitler doesn't like anyone all too much. Follow the murderous giant Joseph Stalin on his madcap adventures as he picks chastity belts, fights over backyard fences and suffers the shame of the lederhosen all in an attempt to woo Eva to his side. Short Story. 2800 words.

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Butchers Parade    by David Morisset Price: $4.99 USD. 53200 words. Language: English. Published on December 23, 2012. Fiction » Historical » Australia & New Zealand. Set in the third quarter of the twentieth century, the stories of 'Butchers Parade' feature the quintessentially Australian location of Redgate – a meatworks town on the western fringe of Sydney – as well as the blighted circumstances of wartime Indo-China. The narratives are united by the presence of the hulking figure of Horrie – meatworker, footballer and soldier.


T'was Christmas Eve    by Elisabeth Dubois Price: $0.99 USD. 1300 words. Language: English. Published on December 23, 2012. Fiction » Drama » European. short story about a young misfortune lass in the early 19th century, the time where high class and the poor class did not see eye to eye.


Whispered Stories    by Peter Fifield Price: $4.99 USD. 14120 words. Language: English. Published on December 23, 2012. Fiction » Drama » American. Short Stories By Peter Fifield


The Dog from the Fire    by Jill Zeller Price: $2.99 USD. 4210 words. Language: English. Published by J Z Morrison Press  on December 22, 2012. Fiction » Literature » Visionary & metaphysical. Allison's husband Griffith brings home a dog saved from a fire, a big shaggy dog with blue eyes. When independently both Allison and Griffith decide on the same name–Topaz–for the dog, they begin to understand that their marriage will ever be the same.
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