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Graphic novels & comics


Fiction » Graphic novels & comics


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The Waters of Death    by Chris Reynolds
Price: Free! 150 words. Language: English. Published on January 3, 2013. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Science fiction.
Injured future mercenary Roman is taken to a sinister mountain spa by his commanding officer…


Invasion of the Chain Smokin' Aliens    by Redi 25
Price: $2.99 USD. 110 words. Language: English. Published on January 3, 2013. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Science fiction.
Invasion of The Chain Smokin' Aliens This story set in the present day and follows the misadventures of Zoc and Doc, field agents for the Alien Research Lab who are sent on a special mission back to earth. Read as they fight to keep their jobs, after a mistake by Doc means they must travel to earth and try to stay out of trouble.


Apathetic Avengers: The Faction Stories Vol 1    by J. Rose Alexander
Price: $0.99 USD. 40880 words. Language: English. Published on December 29, 2012. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Superheroes.
Deep in the cornfields of Iowa, six teenagers team up to fight the forces of evil– kind of.


Fearless The Cat    by Thomas LeRiger
Price: $3.99 USD. 460 words. Language: American English. Published on December 27, 2012. Fiction » Children’s books » Poetry.
A rhyming and charming short story about a can-do little kitty who plays, dreams and schemes his way into the hearts of both adults and children alike. A simple story of actively living without fear or regret.


Not So Dead – Issue 1 How far we've come part 1    by Peter Chehade
Price: Free! 10 words. Language: English. Published on December 25, 2012. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Horror.
It’s all about survival in this zombie thrill ride.


Walk    by Darby Hudson, Jr
Price: Free! 20 words. Language: English. Published on December 22, 2012. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » General.
(5.00 from 1 review)
“Strangely beautiful and refreshingly different … Each exqusite page seems to move and sway.” Bradley Trevor Greive New York Times Best-Selling Author of The Blue Day Book.


The Five Earths Project: Christmas Compendium 2012    by FiveEarths Project
Price: Free! 71160 words. Language: American English. Published on December 16, 2012. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Anthologies.
Within this volume are 19 Christmas stories by a number of authors, starring Superman, Batman, the Justice League, Titans West, the Marvel Family, the New Gods, and many more! For more stories from the DC Universe, including more Christmas and Halloween stories, visit the Five Earths Project: www.5earths.info.


the god's blood    by Naval Sharma
Price: $0.99 USD. 33460 words. Language: English (Indian dialect). Published on December 13, 2012. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Historical fiction.
santour was the god of memories and was killed by his own brothers but he could rise once again from his remains that he had kept safe somewhere.


Twilight Lady: Oblivion Symphony #6    by Blake JK Chen
Price: $0.99 USD. 250 words. Language: English. Published on December 5, 2012. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Fantasy.
The senses-shattering conclusion to an afterlife adventure filled with wonder, peril, and revelation. The Nameless Lady in the Hood has to match wits – and swords – with an ornery troll seemingly hellbent on bringing mischief and havoc to the lives of Senserealm dwellers everywhere! (Graphic Novel, 24 pages, Part 6 of 6)



Twilight Lady: Oblivion Symphony #5    by Blake JK Chen
Price: $0.99 USD. 180 words. Language: English. Published on December 5, 2012. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Fantasy.
The Nameless Lady in the Hood reunites the ghost of a deceased young woman with her still-living soulmate. What follows is an afterlife adventure filled with wonder, peril, and revelation. (Graphic Novel, 23 pages, Part 5 of 6)


Commander Neat: Book Two – Goodbye, Earth    by Steve Sutton
Price: $0.99 USD. 160 words. Language: English. Published on September 16, 2012. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Science fiction.
Billy experiences numerous delays as he prepares to leave Earth to begin his search for the aliens that ate his sister, including an encounter with the neighborhood bullies. Disclaimer: Strong language.


Commander Neat: Book One – The Quest Begins    by Steve Sutton
Price: $0.99 USD. 170 words. Language: English. Published on August 29, 2012. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Science fiction.
A humorous science fiction drama about a nine-year-old boy who discovers that aliens have eaten his baby sister. Disclaimer: Strong language.


Pantheon    by Jordan Troche
Price: $3.99 USD. 20 words. Language: English. Published on August 21, 2012. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Fantasy.
A futuristic world brought to ruin by Artificial Intelligence machines. The leader of the machines is a being called Prometheus. He was the first machine, the first AI. Created by a desperate man who lost his beloved family in a fire. He brings his son back to life in the form of AI. His heart is a relic of the past that houses the soul of the Titan King Chronos.


The Beginning of Empires    by Chris Reynolds
Price: $1.99 USD. 120 words. Language: English. Published on July 18, 2012. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Science fiction.
Contemplative Science Fiction from Mauretania Comics. Comics hero "Monitor" and his friends are forced to join the army.


Living Metal Phase-one: Mercury tears.    by Matthew Harrington
Price: $3.00 USD. 30 words. Language: English. Published on July 17, 2012. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Science fiction.
My name is Sara Jessica Bennett and I am the first of my kind to awake after a hundred years of slumber. We were given an ability to control metal to serve a propose that never came to be. I want know why. I may be the first to awake, but I will not be the last.


From Hell It Progressed! – Issue #01    by Tommy Graef
Price: $1.99 USD. 260 words. Language: English. Published on April 27, 2012. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Science fiction.
The Lobby Cards series harkens back to the great Sci-Fi B-Movies of the 1950’s, with all the patriotism, evil plots, mad scientists, amazing monsters, and hidden meanings. Our first story is “From Hell It Progressed”. And, in Issue #1, “The Lukewarm War”, the stage is set for the revelation of a new world conflict. Coming soon… “War of the Colossal Progressive” and “Progression of the Saucer Men”.


The Lam-Ang Experiment (Book One: Alan M.G.)    by Michael A.R. Co
Price: $2.99 USD. 290 words. Language: English. Published by Sci-Fil  on March 12, 2012. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Science fiction.
Hundreds of years in the future, the Dawn-1 is savagely attacked by an unknown entity from inside the Capariaan Nebula. Thirteen starships have so far vanished in this mysterious region, including the Dawn-1. Three years later, Dr. Namungan, the mission's chief scientist, trains her own son to solve the mystery. But there's a catch: he's only nine months old.


Brave New World – Issue #1    by Henning Brazer
Price: Free! 530 words. Language: English. Published on November 23, 2012. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Comics.
When aliens visit Earth for the first time to Hyper Evolve a select few in order to face a coming intergalactic threat, they create a Brave New World of Superheroes, adventure and Action!


There's Something Rotten Up North (Axiom-man Saga Short Story)    by A.P. Fuchs
Price: $0.99 USD. 8720 words. Language: English. Published by Coscom Entertainment on November 13, 2012. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Superheroes.
When Axiom-man is notified of the dead coming back to life in Flin Flon, Manitoba, he takes flight and heads north to verify the terrible news. Upon his arrival, he is greeted by hordes of the walking dead. As he struggles to fight them and search for survivors, Axiom-man soon discovers the problem is far worse than he thought.


The Punchin' Bag    by James Couture
Price: $0.99 USD. 55530 words. Language: English. Published on November 6, 2012. Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure.
Michael Kading is an unsuspecting office worker living an anonymous life. With little warning, he is thrust into a world of criminally insane thugs, conspiracy, and even a domestic war zone as he becomes the indestructible superhero, The Punching Bag. Working for a clandestine organization and with a mysterious man gunning for his boss, is there more afoot here? A work of superhero fiction.


Bee-Man (A.E.U)    by Sarah Long
Price: $0.99 USD. 2730 words. Language: English. Published by Julius St.Clair on October 29, 2012. Fiction » Young adult or teen » Humor.
Obadiah and Jeremiah Beeter are two middle-aged men that never had a job and still live at home…and they have no intention of changing. But when their parents get fed up one day and try to kill their slacking sons, a radioactive bee stings Obadiah, turning him into the charismatic Bee-man! Caution: This story is so bad that it should be banned in all countries. DO NOT READ!


Fog Man    by Janet Vittorio Corica
Price: $2.99 USD. 66650 words. Language: English. Published on September 9, 2012. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Superheroes.
This exciting new superhero flies at nanosecond speed. FOG MAN's strength, speed, and endurance are unequalled in the history of mankind. He's the envy of every superhero. He's devastatingly handsome, sexy, unattached, and can sing Country music with the best of Nashville stars. His special crime-fighting and rescue techniques entail never-before heard of powers.


Tribe    by Ben Langdon
Price: Free! 5190 words. Language: English. Published on April 7, 2012. Fiction » Science fiction » Short stories.
(5.00 from 3 reviews)
As an uberhuman replicator, Carlos is able to peel another copy of himself whenever he needs company or back-up. However, someone wants to test the extent of these abilities by systematically assassinating his 'tribe' while on holiday in Puerto Rico.


H.E.R.O. – Horde    by Kevin Rau
Price: $4.99 USD. 111920 words. Language: English. Published on March 9, 2012. Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure.
When something changes humans into red-skinned orc-like creatures that assault the mutant Goth clubs in Metrocity, H.E.R.O. must find the cause to stop more murders from occurring. A super is murdered. He finds his mind transferred into a robot. He seeks revenge as more attacks occur. We continue the H.E.R.O. saga in the 5th installment in the series, with heroes returning from previous books.


H.E.R.O. – New Markets    by Kevin Rau
Price: $2.99 USD. 140070 words. Language: English. Published on March 8, 2012. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Superheroes.
Psystar, Black Tiger and Spartan are back in the latest adventures in Metrocity. The heroes become caught up in the activities of a new slave ring. Heroes are captured, crimes occur and a fire is put out as the new heroes deal with the ongoing activities of the new slave ring. Additional heroes join the team as they take on the villains in a final attempt to save their friends.


H.E.R.O. – Metamorphosis    by Kevin Rau
Price: Free! 148210 words. Language: English. Published on March 8, 2012. Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Superheroes.
A night of chaos leads Stephanie, Rael and Lance into a new life as superheroes. The friends join H.E.R.O. and seek to stop a mutant named Shrinker as she gathers new supers to build an army of bloodthirsty mutants in a plan to cause anarchy. The trio must acclimate to their powers in both normal life and superhero activities, and find Shrinker in time to save her victims….


A.P. Fuchs Library Vol. 1, Boxed Set (The Axiom-man Saga – Four Books Plus Bonus Short Story)    by A.P. Fuchs
Price: $7.99 USD. 246580 words. Language: English. Published by Coscom Entertainment on March 2, 2012. Fiction » Fantasy » General.
One night Gabriel Garrison was visited by a nameless messenger who bestowed upon him great power, a power intended for good. Once discovering what this power was and what it enabled him to do, Gabriel became Axiom-man, a symbol of hope in a city that had none.


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