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Fiction » Poetry


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Fiction » Poetry

Sub-categories: Contemporary Poetry | American poetry | Spiritual | U.K. Poetry | Canadian Poetry | Female authors | Biography | Epic | Eastern European Poetry | African Poetry | Scandinavian Poetry | Spanish Poetry | Ancient Poetry | Asian poetry | Australian & Oceanian | Caribbean Poetry | Chinese poetry | European poetry  | French Poetry | German Poetry | Japanese Poetry | Latin American Poetry | Medieval | Middle Eastern poetry | Portuguese poetry | Russian & Former Soviet Union | South Asian and Indian poetry |


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Displeasure, and Other Poems $9.99 11% 11%
Category: Fiction » Poetry » Eastern European Poetry
by: 20830Press , published 4 September 2010

Janusz A. Ihnatowicz is one of the most outstanding modern poets in the Polish tradition. Active in both English and Polish, his work Displeasure, and Other Poems, contains the entirety of his original poetic corpus in English (originally published in London in 1974), plus a generous helping of previously unpublished poems, as well as poems recently published in The Polish Review.

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Forefathers' Eve, Part III $9.99 11% 11%
Category: Fiction » Poetry » Eastern European Poetry
by: 20830Press , published 14 July 2010

One of the great works of Polish Romanticism. Adam Mickiewicz, the national bard of Poland, creates a work of universal significance stressing that authentic liberation is a matter of charity and brotherly love; by concentrating on creating a better, more Christian, self, we can create a better nation, a better world.

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Pan Tadeusz, A New Prose Translation $9.99 11% 11%
Category: Fiction » Poetry » Eastern European Poetry
by: 20830Press , published 13 August 2010

The Polish national epic, one of the great works of European Romanticism, by Adam Mickiewicz. Its bucolic, patriotic, and folkloristic descriptions of life and war in early nineteenth century Poland have served as a focus of national literary identification since its first publication. I

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The Undivine Comedy $9.99 11% 11%
Category: Fiction » Poetry » Eastern European Poetry
by: 20830Press , published 14 July 2010

One of the great works of Polish Romanticism. Zygmunt Krasinski, the scion of a great aristocratic house, creates an apocalyptic drama of revolution and class conflict, the solution of which can only arrive with a new age of brotherhood and love ushered in by Christ. A notable work of Polish Monumental Drama; rivaling Goethe and Byron in scope and power.

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Thinkin' 'Bout Forever    by Krystal Adams
Price: $1.99 USD. 1410 words. Language: English. Published on January 4, 2013. Fiction » Poetry » Contemporary Poetry.
At some point in our lives our dreams need to become something we live. We should reach a realization that dreaming wide awake is better than dream sound asleep.


Where Souls Grow Warm    by Laura Lee
Price: $2.99 USD. 9480 words. Language: English. Published on January 4, 2013. Fiction » Poetry » Themes & motifs.
There are different ways to experience the world, and different ways of "knowing" it. We know the world through our senses, our emotions, our spirits. We breathe the world in, we ache to it, we vibrate to its rhythm. That type of knowing is the poet's world. I have chosen "Where Souls Grow Warm" as a title in the hope that these poems. spanning nearly 20 years, embodies some of that spirit.


Resolución    by Lix Hewett
Price: $5.99 USD. 5960 words. Language: Spanish. Published on January 4, 2013. Fiction » Poetry » Female authors.
En su primer volumen de poesía, Lix Hewett explora la independencia a través de sus experiencias y las historias que la rodean.


The Wolven Pride    by Siddhartha Chen Yuan Wen
Price: $1.99 USD. 24420 words. Language: American English. Published on January 4, 2013. Fiction » Fantasy » Epic.
Lycanthropes and Humans have always been embroiled in a constant, deadly conflict with one another. They have been fighting endlessly for the past six centuries; each hoping to exterminate the other. Now in the year 647, according to the Gaian Calender, one young wolf will set out to put an end to the conflict. Or at least, that is what he would have us believe…


Thanks    by moriset tania
Price: Free! 100 words. Language: English. Published on January 3, 2013. Fiction » Poetry » Themes & motifs.
this is a poem , made by myself


Love Letters to Sophie's Mom    by Rob Bignell
Price: $1.99 USD. 5200 words. Language: English. Published on January 3, 2013. Fiction » Poetry » Themes & motifs.
Passionate and evocative, "Love Letters to Sophie’s Mom" traces a relationship from the first dance of love at a coffee shop to its tragic demise as mental illness overtakes the narrator’s beloved. Inspired by a diverse array of writings, including the verse of Pablo Neruda, Dylan Thomas, and Bob Dylan, the collection’s 34 poems touch upon themes including nature and Southern California.


Heart of Hearing    by Soraya Schulz
Price: $3.99 USD. 4160 words. Language: English. Published by Margarete Schulz on January 3, 2013. Fiction » Young adult or teen » Poetry.
Sometimes drawn from personal experiences, sometimes drawn purely from the author's imagination, Heart of Hearing is a collection of poetry about life.


Konrad Wallenrod i Grazyna (lektury)    by Adam Mickiewicz
Price: $0.99 USD. 24110 words. Language: Polish. Published by Turbo Klasyka on January 3, 2013. Fiction » Poetry » Epic.

Dwa poematy z czasów krzyżackich o walce, przebiegłości i poświęceniu dla narodu. Zawiera wiele obrazków, by uczniom łatwiej się czytało tę lekturę obowiązkową. Książka po polsku. Polish edition. Seria: Lektury do matury

These Times! A Parody in Song form    by Sandranetta Nellum
Price: $1.00 USD. 1100 words. Language: English. Published on January 3, 2013. Fiction » Poetry » Contemporary Poetry.
Ridicule, ironic comments, and poking fun at today's celebrity culture and all the culprits.


Timepiece    by Jack Forge
Price: Free! 430 words. Language: English. Published on January 3, 2013. Fiction » Poetry » Themes & motifs.
A new poem about the many ways we measure the moments of our lives.


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